Hostench Architects

is an English speaking architectural and urbanism design team based in Barcelona.

We pursue new and innovative designs all over the world, with the aim to fulfilling our clients' utmost desires. 

check-mark-3-51w We design and construct new residential dwellings and apartments.

check-mark-3-51w  We adapt existing buildings and develop refurbishments.

check-mark-3-51w  We provide top level advice on Real Estate purchases.

check-mark-3-51w  We are experts in providing legal and spatial advice for our international clients.

check-mark-3-51w  We restore ancient heritage sites to give them a new lease of life and possibilities for use.

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    Some words about us

    Our architectural team has many years of experience in different fields of design and building work all over the world.

    What do we do?

    We can offer you expertise advice on the purchase of your building site, we accompany you at every step of the way and take control of the construction work necessary in order to make your dreams come true.

    Why choose us?

    - Expertise, reliability and the utmost security in carrying out all your requirements.
    - Barcelona based with projects all over Catalonia. English speaking office.
    - Vast experience in diverse Residential and Real Estate projects.

    Who is in charge?

    Oriol Hostench, prestigious Architect and professor in the ETSAB, Faculty of Architecture in Barcelona, is the CEO and main partner of Hostench Architects, combining tradition and modernity in his designs. He holds a Msc in Architectural Theory and has developed many  diverse projects all over the world. +info

    Our services

    Our team work hard to pursue and implement the best architectural designs.

    With clients all over the world, we adapt to our client's needs in order to give the best possible service.

    Our plans and projects are completely secure and confidential.

    We are available at all times to be able to communicate with our clients.

    We control all elements of the construction process in order to ensure the perfect design and building.

    Our homes fulfill the standards of environmental energy certification.


    Some of our latest projects

    Apartment buildings

    New dwellings & refurbishments


    Hostench Architects

    c/Rector Ubach 44 ppal 1, Barcelona, 08021,

    +34 93 220 62 56



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