Construction study and drawing of the Güell Pavillions from Antoni Gaudí for its restorationgaudi06gaudi01gaudi03gaudi02

Construction study and drawing of the Güell Pavillions from Antoni Gaudí for its restoration

Antoni Gaudí designed and constructed these two pavilions for his friend and patron, Eusebi Güell i Bacigalupi, between 1884 and 1887. They were inspired by the works of Hercules and the book “L’Atlàntida”, written by Jacint Verdaguer. The whole complex is a homage to Güell’s father-in-law, the Marquis of Comillas, Antonio López. The entrance has two buildings: a stable, and a gatekeeper’s lodge. These two buildings are united by an entrance door with a big metallic dragon and a column with an orange tree above, representing the Garden of the Hesperides and the dragon protecting it.

The buildings are an early project of Gaudí, with an orientalist design on the façades from the Mudejar tradition. The walls are made of mud and bricks and the structure of the barn already has parabolic arches, as in his future projects.

Our work consisted in a 3D scan to achieve a point cloud to be able to redraw the pavillions completely, as the first stage for its restoration. We also analyzed the constructive system, pathologies and advised for the upcoming restoration of the buildings.


Client: IMPUQV – Barcelona Town Hall

Date of completion: 2018

Place: Av. Pedralbes 15, Barcelona.


Oriol Hostench, commission coordinator

Fernando Álvarez, as a technical advisor.
Felipe Buill, as coordinator of the surveying tasks.
Javier Muñoz, processing director of HEMAV.
Jordi Martínez, Geomatics Technical Director
Laura Marfil, Photogrammetry Operator
Elga Casals, Photogrammetry Operator
Javier Roma, photographer
Makoto Isawa, draftsman
Maria Claudia Escalona, draftsman.